Rants: The great ISDN Rumpus of 1995

The great ISDN Rumpus of 1995

I got in a ruckus with US West (now Qwest) over their sluggish, uneven, unfair deployment of ISDN back in the early days of high-speed Internet access. I wound up setting up a rallying-point web page about the issue, emailing my 1500 closest friends, and generally stirring up all kinds of trouble. For years after, I was known as “that guy” to the senior people at US West. Poked ’em in the eye, we did.

Here are some tiny GIFs of my favorite newspaper summary of the Rumpus, written in the aftermath by Tim Broeker (now of ElectricJet, back then an editor for the Minnesota Daily).  My hair actually had color in it back then, and now I just use one computer instead of the six that show up in that picture.  Sorry these pictures are so tiny and hard to read — they were considered pretty big back when I first published this.