ISDN in Minnesota

A case of electronic redlining

We Won!

US West has announced that they will advance the timetable for ISDN deployment in the Twin Cities. I'm still waiting for a detailed rollout schedule (when the upgrades will be going into the switches), but the whole shebang is supposed to be done by February 1996. This is much better than where we were a month ago.


Thanks to all of you who wrote, called and appeared to give testimony. The City Council of St. Paul passed a strong resolution at Just the Right Time. Thanks also to the reporters at the Pioneer Press (who broke the story), the Star Tribune and Minnesota Public Radio for their coverage of the issue. Steve Trimble in the Minnesota House of Representatives was instrumental in this success.

Here's the Page That Started It All

This was a pretty nifty piece of electronic community organizing. Here's the page that I maintained throughout the festivities to keep people posted. I've left it in it's final form as sortof a museum piece. IT IS OUT OF DATE. The current situation is much better. Here's the ISDN rant page that caused all the trouble. And here's the (much better) current deployment schedule.

Here's Tim Broker's writup in the Journal of Law and Politics

Many thanks to all who provided the Big Time Media Coverage. But my favorite writeup was by Tim Broker, so here it is.

It's pretty big - almost 200k - so you only want to go here if you've got some time on your hands, since it'll take a couple minutes to download over a modem.

By the way, I have a more-than-passing business interest in all this. Here's where I work -, an ISDN internet access provider.
Mike O'Connor
April 20, 1995

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