A Pretty Good Jacktrip Toolkit


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Installation — Getting started — the short version
Installation — Getting started — the long version with screenshots
FAQ — A collection of hints and tips

This is the home of my project to document how to configure a Jacktrip server with a graphical user interface on an inexpensive Linode cloud server. The server supports graphical tools such as QjackCtl (for audio routing) and the Ardour DAW (for mixing and recording sessions as well as providing customized monitoring to participants).  An inexpensive way to learn and experiment.

Here’s a picture of a sample Ardour setup that can record and mix a six-person ensemble including broadcast-mode connections, mix-minus feeds to performers and the option to provide performers with self-monitoring if they desire.  Templates to support this configuration are included in the toolkit.  Click on the picture to embiggen.

At the heart of this gizmo is a public Linode “Stackscript” that can be used to set up a server in your own Linode account.  It’s available now – at this link on Linode.  It contains no proprietary code and can serve as a starting point for learning, designing, rehearsing, performing, experimenting or teaching.

This might be of interest to people who are interested in a very inexpensive way to:

  • create an open-source Jacktrip (and/or Jamulus) practice or performance space
  • learn how graphical-interface Linux compares to more-familiar Mac/Windows systems
  • learn/teach advanced server-based audio techniques (audio routing, mixing)
  • build and test new ideas and software