Hello and welcome to my little home on the Internet. I’m a retired geezer, Internet, radio, systems, management, entrepreneur, organizer geek type guy who’s mostly helping Marcie restore native driftless-area habitat in western Wisconsin these days.

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Picture of the moment — August 2014 — Great clouds on a summer day

IMG_2371 copy

The tradition on this page is to put a new picture up every few months.

Older Pictures…

This one is a colorful fall evening in 2011

This one is a spring morning in 2011

This one is a spring sunset in 2010

This one is a picture of our winter-snowy driveway at the farm, just before I hit it with the snowplow.

This one was taken at Big Bend national park in January 2009 while we were running away from terribly cold weather in the upper Midwest.

This one is a picture I took in December 2008 as we started our standard “evening walk” up 3-finger valley just after a little snowfall. No tracks!

This one is a picture I took just after I’d finished mowing about 20 acres of the very last field that we’ll plant into prairies.  All the rest are done, this is the last time I’ll look at a field like this.

This one’s from an Evening Walk in May 2008 here at the farm

This one is another picture from our place — a restored prairie in the fall

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