Generic domain names

Before the web happened, there was FTP and email and Gopher. In those days, I was entranced by how much domain-names resembled the call-letters I used to get for radio stations — very cool way to “name” things. So, long before the domain-name land-rush, I got a handful of generic domain names. The list includes,,,,,, and a few that got sold —,, and

Before you approach me about the ones I still have, please read this FAQ about my domains. It will dampen your enthusiasm, I bet.

Mike’s Pretty Good Domain FAQ

In an effort to reduce my email load and save you time, here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions about these domains of mine.

Is this domain for sale?

I’m not actively marketing these domains. I really do have a scheme in mind for each, but haven’t gotten around to cranking them all up. On the other hand, everything’s for sale if the right offer comes along. I’m just not a terribly motivated seller.

How much are you asking?

Without going into a huge long rant, my belief is that these “generic” dot-com domain names were (and are) pretty valuable.

I never set a price for the domains. If you really really really want it, you have to go first. Make an offer.

Do you have other domains?

This is a generic page, so I don’t know which domain you got here from. Here’s a list of the names that get a lot of hits;

Where can I go to sell a domain? Are you a broker? Will you do it for me?

I’m not a broker; I can’t help you sell your domains. Remember, I’m just a retired geek who got a handful of interesting names long before the Web happened. I don’t know much about the hurly burly of the domain-name marketplace.