A Pretty Good Jacktrip Toolkit — Getting started — the short version


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Installation — Getting started — the short version
Installation — Getting started — the long version with screenshots
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This version of the installation instructions is intended for people who have done this before and would like reminders of what to do.  There is a detailed step by step version that is intended for those who are doing this for the first few times or prefer screenshots as reminders.

Provisioning the server

Step1: Provision a Linode server with this Community StackScript
Step2: SSH into the newly-provisioned server.
[Note: The script takes a few minutes to finish after the server is up and running.  It’s complete when the “create_jacktrip_server.sh” file has been created in the root directory (type “ls” to see those files).  Once the file is there…]
Step3: Type ” ~/create_jacktrip_server.sh ” from the command line.
Step4: Answer “yes” to the prompt in the script
Step5: Wait for that second script to complete (and don’t worry about all gibberish and error messages that flash by)

That’s it — the server is running and provisioned.

Accessing the desktop GUI once the server is running

– Through a web browser:
—– Log into the new server through Linode’s GLISH interface
—– Launch the desktop server by typing ” startxfce4 ” on the command line

– Through a VNC client on a local computer

—– Open a new SSH session into the server
—– First time only: set VNC password for the server with ” vncpasswd ”
—– Launch the desktop server by typing ” vncserver -geometry 1600×900 ”
—– Note: try crazy-wide geometry if you have multiple monitors – eg 3200×900
—– A handy way to get rid of the old server before trying a new geometry
—– Launch a VNC client on a local computer (get one from RealVNC)
—– Connect to [the server IP address] on port 5901 – eg  ” nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn:5901 “