O’Connor-family Blogs

Here’s the list of blogs and podcasts that we O’Connors fool around with;

My blogs

Haven2 — my personal blog

bar.com — I maintain the site for The Foo at Bar.com.

Sex and Podcasting — my reflections on the connections between community-radio and podcasting (sorry, absolutely no sex — the word is just there to get your attention).  This podcast was replaced by GeezerCast, which gives me a broader field of topics to talk about.

GeezerCast — podcasts to my unborn grandchildren

KZ0C.com — I’m a kinda-lame ham radio type guy.  Pretty inactive at the moment.

www.UrbanUsers.com — I blogged about the experience of being the at-large appointed urban-consumer representative to the Minnesota Ultra High Speed Broadband Task Force.

BtopReviewer.com — I blogged about what it’s like to be a BTOP grant-reviewer for the NTIA (a short, unsatisfying experience, lots of lessons for the future).

www.1666Coffman.com — a site about the retired University faculty condo where we live when we’re in St Paul

www.FracSandFrisbee.com — Marcie and I do this one together.  All about the frac sand mining issue here in Buffalo County.

Marcie’s blogs

Prairie Haven — Marcie’s weekly journal about the farm

www.BugFolks.com — Marcie’s new blog about bug stuff.

www.BugLifeCycles.com — Marcie’s even newer blog about raising bugs

www.MothLists.com — Marcie’s collection of moth-lists (worldwide)

Richard’s blog

huckleberryfinn09.wordpress.com — Richard’s blog (coauthored with his friend Phil) about their upcoming trip down the Mississippi by canoe

RichardOConnor.net — Richard’s home page and blog

Robert’s blog

Robert’s blog.

Dad’s blog

Double Weave Notebooks — My dad (Paul O’Connor) has a page about his double-weaving.