Mikey’s Pretty-Good Tools for Working Group Chairs

Here’s a place for me to stuff links to good tools for people who run working-groups.  It’s going to be a bit ICANN biased, since that’s where I do my working group chairing.  But others might find this useful as well.

Consensus Decision-making

IETF draft — On Consensus and Humming in the IETF  [note to self: go back and periodically update this to the latest version]

Wikipedia has a good starting-point article — Consensus Decision Making

ConsensusDecisionMaking.org — Videos & Articles on Consensus and Group Facilitation

Mind mapping software

I find “live mind-mapping” to be helpful when leading certain kinds of conversations.  There’s a very good mind-mapping program that’s open source called Freemind.  Here’s a link to the download page (it runs on most platforms).