WORT photos

here’s a little page of WORT memory-jogger photos, starting off a few pages from early program guides that tell a lot of the story of those early days.  clicking on them brings up bigger versions.

a pretty good exposition about why most of us did all that work – it was fun, we made lots of good friends and we kinda took care of each other.  Jeff Lange did a lot of the graphics for this first newsletter including everything on this page (i think).

this one features a nice history of the station (written by yours truly) and a brilliant piece by Jeff Lange that summarizes the early consensus decision-making stuff really well.

Don Alan laying out the early view of programming.  More graphics from Jeff…

Jeff Lange describing how we wound up down on Willie street

John Ohliger and me describing the two precedents we knew – John grew up in the Pacifica stations, i bubbled away about the KRAB Nebula

the first program guide…  page 1

and page 2


here are a couple pictures from NARK (National Alternative Radio Konvention).  1974?  maybe spring?  these look better as small pictures – maybe some clever photo person can demask them?

the main scene, all spread out in little groups at Freedom House on Willie Street.  today we’d call these “breakout groups” i guess.

this was a session i missed – i think i was working on food…  people look cranky and hungry.


here are photos from my scrapbook

Betsy Rubinstein and Bill Thomas – NFCB Tape Exchange – Champaign, IL – 1975ish.  that’s where they edited and duplicated the tapes that were sent out to the stations around the country.

Vinnie Curren – chief engineer of the station several years after i left, so this was probably taken in 1980 or so.

Joannie Rubel – station manager after i left – also probably taken in 1980 or so


a nice shot of the original mixing board, record library and interview desk just peeking up above the tray for announcements and PSAs.  that’s pretty close to the original configuration and right where i sat when i lied my ass off to Pat Ryan about how much distortion the transmitter was producing.

turning around, here’s the original pile of equipment.  this is the stuff that all failed, one after the other, on that first night.  don’t remember who that is running the board.

one of the NFCB organizing meetings was in Cincinnati.  Nan Ruben organized a meet and greet with the deputy Mayor where a proclamation of welcome was presented.  me on the left, yes that’s Bruce Theriault, then a person i don’t know and Nan on the right.

my farewell sheet cake – summer 1977

John Ohliger and me hamming it up over the Resolution of Thanks from the City Council

the resolution.  it’s nice gold seal fell off somewhere between 1977 and 2017.

a couple copies of a nice photo of the staff a year or so after i left – 1978/9ish.  see those wooden letters on the wall?  one of Jeff Lange’s many creative contributions — those letters spelled WMFM when we started out.