Why I returned my iPad after 3 hours

Actually the headline promises more than I can deliver.  I don't really know why I returned my iPad after 3 hours.  I guess it just didn't deliver $600+ worth of smiles.  But here are a few things that contributed to the decision...

  • I couldn't figure out how to get my password-minding application (1Password) to work on the iPad, so the killer-long passwords I maintain were impossible to use.
  • What?  No plugins for Safari-mobile?  I saw web-page ads for the first time in 5 years.  Ugh.
  • Picture-intense web-pages like Marcie's tour of the farm would only load about half the pictures and then would stall.  Maybe due to the WiFi problems.
  • I had a really tough time getting used to running one application at a time -- it kinda took me back to my Apple II days.
  • The whole iTunes/Marketplace sandbox weirded me out.  Cory Doctorow's piece spoke pretty loudly on this front.
  • The whole Flash thing and how it breaks so many web sites.  Aside from the conspiracy theories, here's a Flash developer talking about why Flash is a problem on any tablet computer -- the inability to mimic the "mouse over" behavior.

But mostly it just wasn't fun.  So I returned it and took the 10% "restocking fee" haircut.  60 bux,  for 3 hours, so 20 bux an hour...

I think I'll wait for the boatload of Android tablets that seem to be just around the corner.  Maybe they'll make me smile more.  Take a look at this one, featured today on Engadget.  Not one but two cameras, SD slot, USB ports, etc. etc.


My goodness what a difference a year or so makes.  I now own an iPad 2, think Google is evil and completely disavow any responsibility for this article.  :-)


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  1. Mike Horwath Says:

    Thanks for answering bud!

  2. Annalisa Says:

    Hey Mike,

    I appreciate this candid post. Sometimes we think we need to buy the latest thing because everyone seems to be having so much fun, we don't want to be left out.

    But then I wonder...like with the Blackberry Storm, how many people actually are having fun with it or just couldn't admit they didn't like it as long as it was a hot item? Over a year ago, I struggled with my Blackberry Storm for many months...got a replacement with new software and now, I actually like it! But the learning curve is not something I want to do on a regular basis. I turned down a free upgrade to the next cool and complicated model. No thanks!

    I am with you....it's got to be fun and handy!

  3. steve cheatham Says:

    Consumer product. We are not the target market. Apple is first with consumer stuff. But the real stuff is still in the final stages of development so just wait.

    I'm a PC but I love my iPhone,

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  5. Shannon Says:

    I definitely hear you on this post. The Android prototypes I've seen so far look promising, we shall see.

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