Breathing new life into the farm weather stations

I did a nice geek project over the weekend — repairing the weather-stations here at the farm.  We’ve had a couple stations (one on the ridge, one in the valley) for a couple years.  I had this lash-up gizmo put together with a couple of machines, each talking to one weather station and then trading data, to come up with a single (crummy) web site.  In short, a kludge.  The whole thing died when I pulled the plug on one machine and upgraded the other to Vista.  The weather stations still worked just fine, but they couldn’t share their weather goodness with the rest of you…

Until this weekend.  I finally got off my rusty-dusty and figured out a whole buncha stuff to get them back on the net.  Here’s their new web site:

[a voice from 2019 says – try this one instead  ]

Write that down.  Now you can look over my shoulder and see what kind of weather we’ve got.  Mostly we’re interested in two things.  How is the weather?  And, how does the weather down here in the valley differ from the weather up on top of the ridge?  Now we’ve got a nice little site to find those things out.

There are some cool tricks in that site.  The best one is that whole thing is generated from one PC using Davis WeatherLink software to talk to two weather stations at the same time (multiple loggers and multiple weather stations on the same PC).  The trick there is to set up WeatherLink, copy the whole Weatherlink program directory and then run two instances of the program at the same time.  Weirdly, it works.  No shared DLLs.  What luck.