Business alignment – 5 excuses CIOs make to avoid practicing what they preach

Susan Cram has this piece in CIO about how IT folks sometimes don't quite get around to eating their own cooking. It tickled my fancy. Here are the 5 headlines.

The Sandbagger: “There is no way we can deliver improvements in time, quality and cost—pick two out of the three.”

The Magician: “Investing in this new technology will transform our capability to deliver IT products and services.”

The Lone Ranger: “IT is our business and we can responsibly invest internally without involving formal governance.”

The Visionary: “I can't say when, but this is going to be big—really big.”

The Hostage-Taker: “If we don't do this, we will sacrifice our future.”

I've met all of these folks at one time or another. Here's my antidote. Always always ALWAYS justify projects based on the following;

– revenue improvement
– cost reduction
– quality improvement
– response-time (of the organization) reduction

The tastiest projects do all 4 of these things simultaneously. Don't forget to go back after the project is done and actually measure the durn thing to see whether it delivered on the promises made.