First entry

I've been gearing up for this blog for a couple of weeks now. And finding lots of displacement behaviors that keep me from actually posting this first entry.

Enough awready… Here it is. The first post into Safe Haven, my little hangout on the 'net.

Being a “stand on the shoulders of those who came before” type guy, I've read a buncha blogs to see how other people start things off…

There seem to be 2 schools of thought about the “first entry.” There are the people who start like this, with a little “hello out there” posting. And those who start with a post as though the blog has been going for a long time and you've joined the conversation in the middle. I find the start-in-the-middle thingy less satisfying. Somehow, it seems better to acknowledge the starting up rather than bursting into song right off the bat. Kinda like the bands and orchestras my kids are in — they do a little tuning up and throat-clearing before the downbeat.

Besides, I like beginnings-of-things that are celebrated, so this is the celebration. I've done a lot of work to get to this point in the blogging world, learned/built a lotta tech plumbing type stuff, steeled my will to actually write and post this ice-breaker and dag nabbit i'm gonna pat myself on the darn back i am.

It's not unlike the first time I did a radio show, somewhere back in the late Jurassic age. Speaking to unknown listeners, out there in the void. Maybe conversing with nobody. Maybe saying nothing of interest. Quite exhilarating, what?

Ok. Here goes… Hope the water's ok…