Moogul — think "Ebay" for people wanting to rent or borrow

This was an idea I heard first from local pal Dan Grigsby a while back. Now, here's another version,, as described by John Borland in this article at CNet News.

Reminded me of Dan it did. So I wandered out to Dan's blog and was quite dazzled by all the stuff he's fiddling with these days.

Rummaging in Dan's RSS feed, I came across something called a PURL, and heading over to the site, discovered a whole new “name things on the Internet” gizmo. I got a little bit famous back in the '90's for my generic-domain-name exploits (eg.,,, etc.) so this PURL stuff is interesting to me. It seems like a great way to reduce some of the congestion in the Internet name space.

All in all, an interesting journey, well worth a blog entry…