Mike O’Connor Press Clippings

1974 – 1977 — Organizing WORT-FM in Madison, WI

These aren’t really press clippings as much as a series of images I put together for a person doing a documentary about the early days of WORT-FM, a community radio station I started in Madison, WI in the mid 70’s.  But I wrote several of the articles.

WORT memories — for the 45th anniversary

A resolution of thanks from Madison Mayor Paul Soglin and the City Council for my efforts.  Followed by a picture of me and John Ohliger clowning around in 1977 at my farewell party.  Oh, and a great sheet cake.

1994 – 2000 — co-founding gofast.net, a high-speed internet access provider, St Paul, MN

1995 — Journal of Law and Politics — “How do you slay today’s Goliaths?  Using the Internet, of course”

1996 — Minneapolis Star Tribune — An open letter from me to the incoming head of USWest in Minnesota, and his response when he arrived



1997 — Twin Cities Business Monthly — “Rising Stars of the Internet”

1996 — Minneapolis Tribune — “On-ramp entrepreneurs”

1996 — St Paul Pioneer Press — “Gofast.net lines up Internet Incubator”

1996 — San Jose Mercury News — “He may hit jackpot with ‘television.com’ ”

1998 — Minneapolis Star Tribune — we launch a trade association

Clip — 1999 — Pioneer Press — Domains and Mikey


2000 — Minnesota Magazine — “Minnesota’s Smartest People”

2000 — Minnesota Technology — “Waiting for the next wave – how Minnesota missed the Internet Revolution”

“What was next?” you ask?

Prairie Haven was next.  Here’s a link to all the stories about that:

Click HERE

But wait…  What about the Broadband Taskforce?

Oh that…

2008 — Press Release — Minnesota Governor Pawlenty appoints Broadband Taskforce.

2009 — Blanden on Broadband — Video — “Mike O’Connor on the Broadband Taskforce”

2011 — Blanden on Broadband — video — “Advice to the new MN Broadband Taskforce”