Couches for town

Here’s the post about this winter’s Big Project — a couple of couches to replace the ones we have at the house in St Paul. Dang, we bought those couches pretty recently but the fabric was terrible — they’ve faded really badly in the sun and they pick up stains like nobody’s business.

Read on if you’re interested in the ongoing saga.

I’ve got the first draft of my plans done. I use Powerpoint to do the scale drawings — I use the object properties to define the size of the objects (in this case the drawing is to 1/2 scale).

Marcie’s friend Rose connected me up with Pat O’Loughlin who was selling some cherry that he had cut down in southern Minnesota. So I’ve got some nice personal wood to make the big pieces out of. Here’s a picture of the two rough-cut boards I bought from him (they’re the two on the top of the rack, tipped up on their sides because they’re so wide they’d fall off the rack if they were laid horizonal — these are BIG pieces of wood).

Raw wood on the rack