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PerformaX 16×32 sander – reduce burning – improve airflow

Clogged sandpaper leading to burns in the wood has always been a big problem with my PerformaX (JET) 16-32 drum sander.  I’m hopeful that this is the fix — replacing the cover to provide a connection for a 4″ dust collection hose (from the current model) rather than the original one which connected a 2.5″ hose.  Here are the pictures — which started just before COVID and end…  today, almost a year and a half later.

Starting point — March 1st, 2020 — the old cover

The new cover arrives – March 7 2020

Check out this post to get part numbers for the new hood.  The description of the hood is in the paragraph just before the video, the part numbers are just after.  With 20/20 hindsight I should have ordered the new knob and latch mechanism, but it wasn’t too hard to move the old one over.  Here’s the link — go there for part-numbers at a minimum.

Removed the new-cover hinge-mounts – March 8, 2020

… and notched the hinge-indentations to match the old/standard cover.  This is the best view of the difference in size between the old 2.5 inch port and the new 4 inch port – about 2.5 times the area (and thus airflow) which should help a lot.

And that’s where those two parts sat until today — June 20, 2021.

I got stuck trying to figure out how to mark the place to drill the holes for the hinges.  My pal David was over and suggested putting the cover in the open position, which would put the hinges on top of it.  Easy to mark from there.  <facepalm>

So I finished it up this afternoon.  Here’s the hinge side…

Here’s the handle side.  Black tape covers the pre-drilled hole for the handle.  It would have been clever to order the new knob and catch (check those numbers out in the post-link above).  But it wasn’t hard to mount the old hardware.

Old hardware, remounted…

With a reminder as to how to open the latch.


Loopback: routing Jacktrip audio

Here’s a step-by-step post about routing Jacktrip audio using Rogue Amoeba’s Loopback software.  Loopback is a for-money successor to Soundflower and similar to BlackHole.  I like it because it is more visual and does more stuff.

The goal of this post is to get a person with a 2×2 interface going with a setup that will let them join a Jacktrip session reliably, without having to “rewire” things each time.  It also covers things like routing audio into and out of other audio software like Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Max and Zoom.

Alas, this is for Mac folks only.  Windows audio puzzles me.  I don’t have a clue how to do this on a Windows machine.

There are links to short videos that “animate” each of these steps and examples.   Click on the pictures to embiggify and read them.

Step 0: Assumptions – Click here for video
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WORT memories — for the 45th anniversary

dear WORT.

happy 45th!

many thanks for the invitation to throw a few words into the virtual gathering.  here’s a collection of WORT memory-jogger photos, starting off with a few pages from early program guides, that tell a lot of the story of the early days.  clicking on the newsletter-page photos brings up bigger versions.

. . . .

here’s Numero Uno – volume 1 number 1.  my writing style in those days was a completely-hopeless attempt, by an illiterate geek,  to emulate my hero Lorenzo Milam.  Milam was guiding light for a gaggle of us who started stations all over the country — we lost him this year (2020), along with so many others.

a pretty good exposition about why most of us did all that work – it was fun, we made lots of good friends and we kinda took care of each other.  Jeff Lange did a lot of the graphics for the first-generation newsletters including everything on this page (i think). Continue reading

JackTrip — Hub-Mode server options

Here’s a scratchpad on how Jacktrip Hub Mode does audio routing as of early September 2020.

Starting the server in Hub Mode (capital-S instead of lower-case S) with the “-p” option offers four ways to configure the server.  Here’s an example launch string that would fire up a server in Mode 2:

jacktrip -S -p2

Mode – 0 (the default – my machine hears everybody and everybody hears the mix that I send them)

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Origin of the “Waumandee” in Waumandee Creek

We here at Prairie Haven live on Little Waumandee Creek in Buffalo County, Wisconsin.  We’ve always wondered about where the word “Waumandee” comes from and what it means.

Listen to these blackbirds and see if you hear them saying “waumandee!” the way I do.  Maybe that’s where the word comes from?


Battery power-storage system

This is a scratchpad post about the battery power-storage system. Another in the “Prairie Haven Operator’s Manual” series of posts.

Right now there are just a series of documentation diagrams that I made — I’ll add explanations as time permits.

Just for fun — here’s a picture of the Submarine Control Room Command Console that shows off the three inverters at the heart of the system. Continue reading

Soundscapes — audio recorders compared

I decided to compare some digital recorders for the purposes of recording soundscapes here at Prairie Haven.  I’ve got two of them, bought at different times for different purposes and I was curious to see how much different they were and whether it was worth carrying one of them instead just using my phone.  The nice thing about the phone is that it’s with me all the time, but I’d start carrying one of the others if they were better. Continue reading

Are projections of registration growth in generic top-level domains realistic?


Exactly five years ago today, I published this little rant about the growth rates projected for the new “generic top level domains” that were being introduced by ICANN at the time.  You know, domain names that end in things like .run or .lol or .bot (yep, those are all real alternatives to .com or .org if you’d like to strike out into new territory).

I decided to update it with the way things have turned out. Continue reading

Wide tires on a Polaris Ranger EV

We’ve been noticing that the Ranger has been pretty tough on our trails here at Prairie Haven.  Our pet theory is that the EV (plug in electric) version of the Ranger is quite a bit heavier than a normal one and that the standard (narrow, aggressive-tread) tires add to the problem.

The Mission: wider tires for the Ranger EV

We’ve just mounted four Carlysle 25x11x12 Multi-Trac (574369) turf tires .  These are a little wider than the standard tires and have a much less aggressive tread pattern.  Here’s Marcie on her test drive — early returns are positive.

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Push custom light guides and knobs from Kontakt to Komplete Kontrol

A scratchpad post to remind myself how to configure a Kontakt instrument so that light guides and knobs will show up correctly in Komplete Kontrol.  There’s a video walkthrough at the end of this post.

Here’s a picture of the destination – the light guides appear on the keyboard and Komplete Kontrol knobs are mapped to the patch in two banks.

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Scratchpad post: clearing up a failed nameserver transfer between Godaddy and Cloudflare

This one’s going to get the least hits ever, I bet.

I transferred the authoritative nameserver of a domain from Godaddy to Cloudflare and things got stuck.  The NS propagated pretty well, but it never got picked up by Google or Verisign’s public DNS (check with  Since my ISP uses Google’s server for customer DNS, I couldn’t reach my sites and mail got goofy.

The problem turned out to be outdated DS records that lingered at Godaddy after I tried their DNSSEC product, had all sorts of problems and turned it off.   DS records aren’t deleted automatically in that process — they need to be deleted manually on the Domain Details/Settings tab.  Who knew?  Why should I have to know?? Continue reading

WiiMote -> OSCulator -> Wekinator -> OSCulator -> Ableton Live

This is a scratchpad post to remind myself how to put together a machine-learning system on a Mac.  This won’t work on a PC as some of the software is Mac-only.  In this configuration a WiiMote (input device) is connected to Wekinator (real time interactive machine-learning software) through OSCulator (OSC bridging and routing software).  Wekinator outputs are mapped to MIDI to drive Ableton Live through another instance of OSCulator.

Here is a block diagram (clicking on it makes it bigger)

WiiMote OSCulator Wekinator Ableton Live block diagram Continue reading