Add OBS (and optionally Syphon) as a video source to Zoom

Here’s a video and a recipe for musicians who want to display something other than a web-cam of themselves when performing in an ensemble.  Maybe graphics, or animation.  Especially interesting is to insert a Syphon stream into the mix.   Here’s one way to do that.  Sorry — I only cover Mac software here.

Part 1 — Get OBS into Zoom

Here are the ingredients:


      • Configure OBS Mac Virtualcam inside of OBS.
      • Launch OBS and enable Tools/Start Virtual Web Cam
      • Launch Zoom and select the “OBS MAC Virtualcam” source that is now available in Zoom video preferences

If you have a Syphon source that you would like to include in an OBS scene, do that in OBS by creating a “Syphon Client” Source.  Continue to Part 2 if you want to send the Syphon client directly to Zoom.

Part 2 — Get EboSuite’s eSyphonOut plugin into Zoom

Additional ingredients (presumes Part 1 is installed successfully):


      • Configure Syphon Virtual Webcam
      • Add Ebosuite’s eSyphonOut plugin to an Ableton project
      • Start playing the Ableton project (in order to generate EboSuite video)
      • Launch Syphon Virtual Webcam
      • Launch Zoom and select the “OBS Virtualcam” source in Zoom video preferences