Ear plugs!

Ok, this is a life-hacking post.  Mick Souder changed my life.  Maybe I’ll change yours with this post.

I haven’t slept well for years.  I have ears that will pick up a gnat sneezing from a half a mile away, so I hear all the little night sounds.  Furnaces, water softeners, dew dripping through downspouts, trains, trucks, etc. etc.

All those little sounds wake me up, and once awake I start “processing” stuff…

Mick gave me some earplugs about a year ago when we dropped by his place in Durango and I forgot about them (I was sick at the time and didn’t feel like trying them right away).  I finally got around to trying them on our recent RV trip when we were parked close to a freeway.

ASTOUNDING!  Complete silence.  I slept through the night for the first time in 25 years.  I’ve been using them ever since with the same result.  I sleep like a teenager.  I notice a huge difference in my energy level, my frame of mind, etc. etc.

These gizmos can be yours for about 15 cents a pair — a box of 200 pairs cost me about $30 at Northern Tool.  I like the Classic flavor (the kind Mick gave me).

Click HERE to look at ’em.