Seven habits — includes a good customer segmenting list

Brian Tracy has a piece on the site that has a good planning list as a starter for doing the customer segmentation. Doesn’t hurt to repeat these questions every few seconds if you’re in a fast-changing market (who isn’t).

Read on for the list…

  • What exactly is my product or service?
  • Who exactly is my customer?
  • Why does my customer buy?
  • What does my customer consider value?
  • What is it that makes my product or service superior to that of my competitors?
  • Why is it that my prospective customer does not buy?
  • Why does my prospective customer buy from my competitor?
  • What value does he/she perceive in buying from my competitor?
  • How can I offset that perception and get my competitor’s customers to buy from me?
  • What one thing must my customer be convinced of to buy from me, rather than from someone else?