Two for one — a farm project and a geek project

This is a post to test a geek thing — trying out the Wordbooker plugin to connect my blog to Facebook.  This gizmo should be great for posting to Facebook from my blog, pulling Facebook comments into the blog and blog comments into Facebook.

[comment from the 2019 future – ah, these were simpler times back in 2010]

Here are pictures of a farm project to test out the geek project.  We’ve got one planted prairie where the dang aspen and birch have been invading like crazy.  So, it’s time to mow those rascals down and see if we can get things under control.  We probably should have done this a couple years ago ’cause the stuff is getting pretty crazy-big.

Here are a couple of photos that show the comparison between before and after mowing…

And here’s a photo of the ride back down the hill…

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