Installing Flow-Rite battery watering on a Polaris Ranger EV

Definitely a narrow-audience scratchpad post.  We love our electric Polaris Ranger EV utility vehicle here at Prairie Haven.  But putting water in the batteries is not a lot of fun.  Messy, tedious, slow, etc.  So today’s project was to put a battery watering system in.


Everything is fine and we still heartily endorse this gizmo.  Battery watering now happens once a month. Continue reading “Installing Flow-Rite battery watering on a Polaris Ranger EV”

Two for one — a farm project and a geek project

This is a post to test a geek thing — trying out the Wordbooker plugin to connect my blog to Facebook.  This gizmo should be great for posting to Facebook from my blog, pulling Facebook comments into the blog and blog comments into Facebook.

[comment from the 2019 future – ah, these were simpler times back in 2010] Continue reading “Two for one — a farm project and a geek project”

New blog front-page photo

I take lots of pictures, and every once in a while I get a lucky break.  This shot resulted from some great clouds and evening sun coming together while I was sitting on the couch at the farm.  I ran outside, took this photo and 2 minutes later the sun went away.  You can click on it to get the full-sized version.

Spring! Today’s the day…

Yesterday it was still winter here at the farm.  Today, Spring came with a vengeance.  Here’s a series of pictures from yesterday’s Morning Walk…

Here’s a picture of the end of our driveway where it meets the road.  Pretty impressive mist, no?

Well, that mist has been here all week.  Here’s the story, as told by one of our weather stations — practically a week straight of 100% humidity as the snow melted. Continue reading “Spring! Today’s the day…”