Fiber to the farm

Hooray!  Our local phone company, good old Nelson Telephone Cooperative, is plowing fiber into our house at the farm over the next few weeks!  You haven’t lived until you’ve seen me, an aging 60 year old geek, doing cartwheels in anticipation.  So here’s a post to document the process as it unfolds.

It started with this hint — marking up Highway 88 to show where the fiber leaves the right of way and heads over the wetland on its way to the house (no, that white building isn’t the house…).

Dale Goss of Nelson Telephone and Bob Travis of Finley Engineering came by this morning and took a look at the path the fiber will take from the road across the wetland.  We were a little worried, ’cause when they plowed in the phone line they had a pretty rough time getting across the sedge meadow that’s right behind them.  But this time we’re plotted a course that will bypass that stuff — all smiles.  Thanks guys!

Cones in a high-traffic zone


I gave the guy marking out the electric-wires a hard time about putting his cones out — he’s the only vehicle that’s been down our driveway THIS WEEK.  🙂


The plow is here!


The plow is coming!  The plow is coming!  This gizmo turned up at our neighbor Emmit’s place, just up the road.  I’m so excited I did my first-ever McPlank to celebrate.



Here’s a video of the Day of the Plough. It compresses a 10-hour day into 4 minutes. The lads did great — they avoided all the places we were worried about only got a little bit stuck in the mud. Way to go!