Commentary on Fadi Chehadi Montevideo Statement


I love toiling at the bottom of the bottom-up ICANN process.  And it’s also quite entertaining to watch senior ICANN “managers” running wild and free on the international stage. The disconnect between those two things reminds me of the gulf that usually exists between the faculty and administration in higher education institutions.  Both sides think they run the joint.  That same gulf exists in ICANN and, while I was hopeful for a while that the new guy (Fadi Chehadi) was going to grok the fullness, it’s starting to slide into the same old pattern.

The picture above is of the last guy (Rod Beckstrom)

The audio file linked below is 2-minute mashup of the new guy Fadi’s (quite unsatisfactory) answer to Kristina Rosette’s recent question about whether he has community and Board air cover for a recent (pretty controversial) statement he made.  Pretty inside baseball for all you regulars, but it may map pretty well to your situation even though the details differ.



to listen to the 2-minute clip (but turn the volume down if you do it at work).


Here’s a link to the public post that points at the various transcripts of the call

Interestingly, while the audio transcript is still available, the links to the written transcripts that are contained in that email have disappeared.  Since I have copies of those files from when I downloaded them earlier today, I’ve posted them to this site.  Here are links to those missing documents.

Word document — full transcript — click HERE

Word document — Adobe Chat transcript — Click HERE