Test shots from my new camera (Sony HX30V)

Hi all.  This is partly a test of the new photo-uploader in WordPress 3.5 — along with a chance to show off pictures from the new camera.  Click through the photos if you want to pixel-peep the ginormous originals.

This first one is a test of the panorama feature…  This shot is looking from the point behind the house down Pat’s Prairie towards Highway 88 (south).  The nice thing is how it’s picking up the two valleys that form the point I’m standing on.

Indian Grass Panorama

Indian Grass Panorama

This next one is an HDR shot, just using the HDR in the camera instead of shooting 3 bracketed shots and then post-processing them in Photomatix Pro

Marcie's workstation

Marcie’s workstation

This one is a macro shot, taken in really low light, of a gizmo sitting on my desk last night.  I did nothing — this is Superior Auto (super-idiot) mode.

Stupid macro

Stupid macro

This next one is completely silly macro.  Push camera up against the screen of the computer and pull the trigger.  I don’t think there really is a “minimum distance” for macro focus.

Silly macro

Silly macro

The rest of this series is just “stuff that sits behind my desk” in town.  All these shots were taken at night with available light, in Superior Idiot (er, Auto) mode.

This is one of Dad’s sewing-thread weaving.  It’s double-weave, which means both pieces of cloth are woven at the same time.  REALLY small threads, peepul.

Paul O'Connor bead double weave

Paul O’Connor bead double weave

A cute little turtle that Mom found somewhere in her travels.

Granny Pat's turtle

Granny Pat’s turtle

And an elephant…

Granny Pat's elephant

Granny Pat’s elephant

And two little folks.  This shot was taken from across the room — they’re about half an inch tall.  This is a good example of 20x zoom at work.

Granny Pat's couple

Granny Pat’s couple

Same deal here — shot from across the room.  The bell is a couple inches high.

Granny Pat's bell

Granny Pat’s bell

Another across the room shot…

Granny Pat's paper Xmas tree

Granny Pat’s paper Xmas tree

The Flying Spaghetti Monster, who has unfortunately lost an eye…

Flying Spaghetti Monster

Flying Spaghetti Monster

Ah HA!  Houston, we have the “unexpected rotation” problem.  This picture of folding paper art is rotated 90 degrees to the left.

Folding paper art

Folding paper art

This next one is a really memory-laden picture by an old friend of my parents

Ried Hastie painting

Ried Hastie painting

Mom made baskets for us kids — with pithy phrases worked in the bottoms of them.  This is one of my favorites — “Reach into life”

Granny Pat basket - Reach Into Life

Granny Pat basket – Reach Into Life