Economic Development Documents

Ranking spreadsheets

Rank Business-Development Surveys  (not many items, quick to do)

Rank Business-Development Initiatives  (medium-sized)


Rank Community-Development Surveys (REALLY quick, only one choice to make)

Rank Community-Development Initiatives (medium-sized)


Rank Economic-Development Initiatives (medium-sized)

Rank Economic-Development Planning (medium-sized)

Rank Economic-Development Surveys (medium-sized)


Rank High-Level Initiatives (really BIG — do this one last)



Files (in rough order)

Statement of work and schedule – click HERE

Matt Kures May 2015 slide deck on Buffalo County facts and figures — click HERE

Mike’s meeting notes from the 2nd Community Forum (in Mondovi) – click HERE

Results of community-preparedness survey – click HERE

Results of community-preparedness survey in Excel so that we could see/manipulate the results – click HERE

“Developing a Vision Statement” handout – click HERE

Buffalo County Vision Statement – click HERE

First cut strategy report draft – click HERE

Initiatives and Planning matrix from the draft report – click HERE

New stuff…

Deloitte’s Millennials “Mind the Gap” study – click HERE

Pew’s “Millennials in Adulthood” study – click HERE

Summary of ranking spreadsheets – click HERE

Mike’s one-page summary of what the next project should focus on – click HERE