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Frac sand mining

Pore old Haven2.  ‘lil old blog’s being neglected.  I was going to blog about frac sand mining here but the issue kinda exploded into such a big deal that it needed a URL all its own and I forgot to cross-post a link to the new site back here at the ranch.

So here’s a link for those of you that follow me on this blog.  Sorry about that.  Things got a little crazy there for a while and I’m just now circling back to do the housekeeping. Continue reading


Omnisphere and Omni TR in Logic Pro 9 — notes to myself

To introduce Omnisphere into a project — just instantiate it the regular way (forget all the Environment stuff, not required).  So 1) create a software track, 2) select Omnisphere (way down at the bottom of the list of software instruments is “all instruments”, Omnisphere is in there).  I’ve been using the “stereo” version rather than “multi output” because I like to freeze the tracks, can’t do that with multi-output version. Continue reading

Fold-out circular table

This is a series of pictures of our dining-room table.  The cool thing about it is how it folds out — so most of the time it’s a modest little table that four people can sit around.  But folded out, we’ve crammed twelve people around it.  Also great for poker.  This series of pictures shows how it’s put together.

Here’s the table, in it’s 4-person folded-up configuration.

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Broadband connection improvements — avoiding DNS-interception and “buffer bloat”

This whole saga started when I read an Ars-Technica article called “Small ISPs use “malicious” DNS servers to watch web searches, earn cash.”  Here’s the lede that got my attention:

Nearly 2 percent of all US Internet users suffer from “malicious” domain name system (DNS) servers that don’t properly turn website names like into the IP addresses computers need to communicate on the ‘Net. And, to make matters worse, the problem isn’t caused by hackers or malware, but by the local ISPs people pay for access to the Internet.

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WordPress gallery can’t save or link to external URLs

UPDATE:  Several years have passed and this problem still exists.  However now there is a nice simple plugin that fixes it.  It’s called WP Gallery Custom Links.  It’s working for me.  Hopefully it will for you too.  I updated the first of the three images in my broken example gallery to an external URL as a test.

Sorry about this lame-o post right in the middle of my blog, but this is a bug that’s best documented with a post so’s the WordPress folks can see what’s going on.

I’m running the current version of WordPress here (3.1.3 as of this writing) Continue reading

Panorama shots of the farm

Here’s a series of Morning Walk panorama shots — a nice perspective on the farm.  I have a new camera that has this cool setting where it takes 100 pictures as you swish it across a wide scene and then immediately stitches them together for you.   Not technically-better pictures.  But really neat pictures…  Click on the thumbnails so you can see the big versions.

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Broadband Taskforce — Our bill passed, signed by the Governor!


Ooops.  The law hasn’t passed yet — I misunderstood Rick’s letter…  Here’s the salient quote (down near the bottom)

pass the law (well, getting closer anyway – should be next week!)

Sorry about that.  I’ll leave the original stupid/mistaken post here, but you can ignore it.  On the bright side, I’m hoping for the opportunity to write another “Woohoo” post if the bill does pass.

Sorry about that…



Woohoo!  We did it! Continue reading

Wood glue — the way to really clean old vinyl records

ah…  The taxes are done, with hardly any damage to the checkbook.  This is the goody I found when I took a little tour of teh Internets as a reward for a job well done…

Click HERE to read a great post (and discover a great blog) about getting rid of surface noise using wood glue of all things.  And then click HERE to get the latest and greatest — ‘turns out that thread generated a LOT of discussion.

The key deal — the kind of wood glue makes a big difference.  The gang on that blog tend to think that Titebond Extend is the bees knees.  I may have to try this out.  The results are pretty darn spectacular.

Some thoughtful posts about ICANN Nairobi…

… that really do a good job of summarizing the security situation and the dilemmas it poses.

Leading off with Michele Neylon’s post which explains his reasons for skipping this meeting and the need for thoughtful discussion (comments are really good on all these posts by the way)

Maria Farrel posts a very balanced/detailed note about the situation here (Rod Beckstrom, ICANN CEO, posted in the comments)

Kieren McCarthy (until recently the ICANN staff person responsible for remote participation) posted a followup here — which really does a great job of turning lemons into lemonade in my view by saying that this may be the event that really pushes the remote-participation capability to new levels

Nick Ashton-Hart (current ICANN staff person in charge of remote participation) posted this in the comments to Michele’s post;

“Thanks Michele for your thoughtful and balanced post. I, too, would like to echo the call that people respect each other’s choices about attending or not attending the meeting. I think that characterising the choices of others in negative terms doesn’t really benefit anyone.

We are working very hard internally on remote participation for this meeting; I’m the overall coordinator of the effort. I think everyone will find that things RP-related at Nairobi take quite a leap forward from previous meetings.

You will find that when the schedule is posted on the 15th, detailed information on remote participation for all sessions is published along with the session information. More details will follow shortly thereafter too.”

I’m still on the fence — read those posts for the reasons why I’m still leaning towards going.  But we’ll see…

Bafflegab, the word of the day

Ah bafflegab. A word steeped in tradition. This word was invented in the early ’50’s by a fella named Milton A. Smith — who received an award for inventing it. At the awards ceremony, he was asked to define it. here’s his response;

“Multiloquence characterized by consummate interfusion of circumlocution or periphrasis, inscrutability, and other familiar manifestations of abstruse expatiation commonly utilized for promulgations implementing Procrustean determinations by governmental bodies.”

You can read the whole article i stole this from here —